General Terms and Conditions of Business

Scope of application

The following terms and conditions apply to all service agreements between Mechthild Hagedorn, mediMethod, hereinafter referred to as Mechthild Hagedorn, and the natural or legal persons who make use of these services. The version of the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the order for services shall apply.

Various services

Mechthild Hagedorn offers various formats for continuing education and counselling. Details can be found on the website Each offer is freely selectable. The use of a chargeable offer requires a written registration and a written business agreement.

Technical requirements

The use of Mechthild Hagedorn’s online offer requires an internet-capable laptop or computer on the part of the participants, which is provided by the users themselves. A failure of the hardware or software used by the users does not release them from the obligation to pay the agreed and charged fee.

Prevention of the service provider

Should Mechthild Hagedorn fall ill at short notice or be unable to provide the service due to technical faults such as power or internet failure, an attempt will first be made to reschedule the appointment. If no solution can be found, the fee paid will be refunded in full.

Use of the documents provided

The contents of the documents provided may not be used beyond the scope expressly permitted. They may not be downloaded or reproduced in whole or in part or made available to third parties. They may not be presented in public. Furthermore, any adaptation, translation or other alteration of the contents is not permitted.

exclusion of liability

Mechthild Hagedorn has taken the greatest care in researching and developing the mediMethod. She does not guarantee the accuracy of the data and never recommends medical treatments or therapies. Treating doctors always have therapeutic sovereignty. The mediMethod is a quality concept. It addresses all participants in the medication process with the goals of contributing to an open error culture and promoting a climate for reliable, respectful communication in the interdisciplinary team.

Participants are responsible for their own actions. The mediMethod does not release users from the obligation to use their own expertise when practising their profession.

registration confirmation and business agreement

Natural persons, i.e. individuals, will receive a written confirmation of registration with a request for payment after registering for fee-based training and counselling services. After receipt of the invoice amount, the Zoom link will be activated.

Legal entities, i.e. institutions, organisations, companies, will receive a written confirmation of registration and a business agreement after their employees have registered for fee-based training, further training or counselling. The business agreement must be signed and returned to Mechthild Hagedorn by email, fax or post.

contents of the business agreement

Name and address of the provider

Name and address of the users

Description of the service