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Managing medication

A risky process

Medication is there to help people. But administering medication in nursing homes is more complex than it may first appear. Mistakes in healthcare planning or in the administration of medicines can lead to emergencies – causing considerable stress for all those involved.

Training based on the mediMethod

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Mechthild Hagedorn, a qualified pharmacist, uses the mediMethod in her training courses to share practical knowledge of geriatric pharmacy. The specially developed mediScheme simplifies day-to-day nursing care. It facilitates respectful communication – to the benefit of all those involved.

Quality of life

Patient-centred care

35 diagnoses, 25 different medicines– this kind of scenario is quite common with very old people. Nursing managers and professional caregivers have to keep track of each individual resident and their medication. A huge challenge. As is taking drug histories during visits to the doctor – either in GP surgeries or in hospitals.


A useful tool

The mediScheme is a figure showing the body with its eleven body systems, which illustrates how diagnoses relate to body systems. Workshops with the mediScheme help participants to plan patient care. When discussing case histories, the mediScheme provides a clear overview of diagnoses and medication.

Safer use of medication

The mediMethod developed by Mechthild Hagedorn lies at the heart of the teaching and consulting services she provides. The method has been developed for nursing staff in nursing homes for the elderly and it can encompass all those who are involved in the care of the elderly person: close family and other relatives, home care and district nursing services, pharmacists and doctors.

Special emphasis is placed on interface management. Whenever possible, the patient is the first person to talk to. Managing medication is an extremely risky process! The mediMethod explains how to monitor the effects of long-term medication use in practice. The real-life situation of the patient and the process of planning their care is the starting point.

Training based on the mediMethod

The real-life situation of the patient and the process of planning their care is the starting point. The mediMethod is structured according to the colours yellow, blue and green. Yellow represents knowledge about medication. Blue stands for skill, the safe handling of medication. Errors that occur during storage, documentation or provision are analysed and resolved. Yellow and blue result in green, the colour for the mindful attitude towards all people and medicines. In the green area, knowledge and skills are applied to the person's individual care planning.

Eleven body systems and mediScheme

Diagnoses and medicines are assigned to the eleven body systems on the mediScheme. Diagnoses will match the eleven body systems first. Then, medicines will match the corresponding diagnosis. The role of medication in care planning will be concluded. Due to the clear overview medication errors will occur less often. They will either be prevented or recognized well in time and then dealt with professionally. Workshop participants will improve their observation skills and connect it with their knowledge about medication. Can a newly occurring problem be related to the therapy with medicines?

Medication when required (PRN)

The main topic of the mediMethod is the role of edication in care planning, particularly including nutrition management, fall prevention and pain management. Complementary medicine and resource activation are considered to help PRN medication work. Workshop participants will gain more confidence when handling medication. Their sense of responsibility will grow and eventually, their job satisfaction increases due to growing competence. Fewer medication errors occur. The patient´s quality of life improves.

Improved safety for …

Geriatric care homes

Fewer emergencies

Nursing staff

Less stress in nursing care



Effective cooperation


Advantage: simpler interface management

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